About me…Tammy Carnahan

TLCI have more than twenty-seven years of formal experience in education, but a lifetime of knowing I belonged in a field where I could help children excel. After ten fulfilling years in the classroom, I spent the next nearly 9 years of my career as a school principal, first as principal of Darby Elementary in the Westfall Local School District for two years and then as principal of Enon Elementary in the Greenon Local School District for 6 2/3 years. In March 2007, I was promoted to Assistant Superintendent in Greenon and served in that position for nearly 4 years. In December 2010, I was very fortunate to have been selected to join the Forest Hills Local School District in Cincinnati to serve as the Human Resources Director.

I believe one of my greatest attributes is my ability to communicate. I enjoy working with all kinds of people and have a knack for putting people at ease by listening to them and truly caring about what they have to say. I believe being proactive, while seeking and providing opportunities for open, honest communication, lays the groundwork for trust and the expectation for future positive interactions. It has been my experience that this kind of good communication is also key in building and maintaining the support of the staff, parents, and community

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